(this is RDS 2).

This is off topic for the Isle, but I felt like making this.

Anyways, regarding speculative dinosaurs, they usually have way over estimated weights. What do I mean? Well, A. fraggilimus is estimated at 122.4 tonnes (135 tons), which is based on a 27 meter (89 foot) Diplodocus, and it seems fairly legitimate, because it basically just assumes similar proportions to a Diplodocus and scales from there. However, if you use the same formula, and scale to a 40 meter (131 foot) Puertasaurus from a 26 meter (85 foot), 59 tonne (65 ton) Paralititan, you'll get an estimate of 214 tonnes (234 tons), and that doesn't even take into account that Puertasaurus had a much broader chest than Paralititan. The thing is, Puertasaurus is estimated with a maximum weight of 80-100 tonnes (88-110 tons). Taking this into account then, you'll find that a 58 meter (190 foot) long A. fraggilimus would weigh about 50-60 tonnes (55-66 tons), still huge, but nothing record breaking. Breviparopus, possibly a genus of Brachiosaurid, would weigh 60-70 tonnes (66-77 tons). The speculative "Broome Titanosaur" is commonly estimated on Internet sites as 500-800 tonnes (550-880 tons), many times greater than a Blue Whale. If we pretend for a moment that the length estimates of ~80 meters (~262 feet) are correct (which is highly doubtful, but let's just roll with it), it would weigh about 300-350 tonnes (330-385 tons), scaling from Puertasaurus, almost twice the weight of the largest known Blue Whale (173 tonnes/191 tons), but not as ridiculous as you'll find online.

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