This is off topic for the Isle, but I felt like making this.

Anyways, regarding speculative dinosaurs, they usually have way over estimated weights. What do I mean? Well, A. fraggilimus is estimated at 122.4 tonnes (135 tons), which is based on a 27 meter (89 foot) Diplodocus, and it seems fairly legitimate, because it basically just assumes similar proportions to a Diplodocus and scales from there. However, isometric scaling, when used to find the mass of extant animals, has been found to greatly overestimate mass. Taking this into account then, you'll find that a 58 meter (190 foot) long A. fraggilimus would weigh much less than previous estimates, still huge, but nothing record breaking. The same can be applied to other massive theoretical sauropods, like Breviparopus, Bruhtkayosaurus, or the Broome Titanosaur.