First of all, this will probably be a series. Second, no, I'm not retarted, the Dino stats blog isn't part of this series, so there are 3 in the series so far.

Alright, now to the topic of the blog. The weight of the Isle's Tyrannosaurus. Now, I've said multiple times that Isle Rexes would be several tonnes heavier than real Rexes, but I wanted to know exactly how much. Isle Rexes are 13.7 meters (45 feet). I'll scale them off of "Sue," the largest known Tyrannosaurus specimen. Since Isle Rexes are fairly bulky, I'll use maximum current estimates of weight. So, the formula would be 13.7/12.3 (Sue's length in meters)=~1.1138^3=~1.382*9.5 (Sue's maximum weight in tonnes)=~13.127 tonnes. So, that's the weight, right? Well, as I pointed out in my "Regarding speculative dinosaurs..." blog, that formula has a bad tendency to over-exaggerate weight. So, while this certainly doesn't apply in many situations, the general rule of thumb for this is to divide your end result by how many times longer the creature you're scaling to is than the creature you're scaling from. So, 13.127/1.1138=~11.786 tonnes, or about 2.286 tonnes more than Sue, and about 3.786-5.786 tonnes heavier than a normal Rex. So I was right (I told you I wasn't retarded), but now I know the exact number, about 4 tonnes heavier on average.

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