Hey, guess what! I finally took five minutes out of my life to find out how big this guy was accounting for the fact that larger creatures require proportionately larger feet to support themselves! Scaling from the largest footprints, 1.7 meters, it's about 41 meters... with its neck vertical. By comparison, Puertasaurus was about 27. I can see this guy weighing at least 200 tonnes (220 tons). The average Blue Whale is about 135 (150 tons). But, since that is scaling from the largest footprints, it seems fair to compare it to the largest Blue Whale, 173 tonnes (191 tons), though about 6% of the body mass was lost due to blood loss (Blue Whales are so big, they can't be weighed in one chunk). Still, Broomey was bigger, at least by 27 tonnes (30 tons)! Of course, since he's only known from footprints, these still won't be reliable. So, sorry, as of right now, the Blue Whale should still be considered the largest creature ever (unless more evidence is found).

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