Unfortunately, my schedule is very busy for the time being; however, I wanted to at least show a preview of one thing I have an idea for.

So, basically, I wanted to know how much damage a Stegosaurus tail could inflict. So, since I don't really have time right now, I'll just assume the tail weighs 1,000 kg. Let's just say bone makes up 20% of the volume, so that would be 800 kg of muscle. Now, I found an article saying 1 kg of muscle can produce 10 newtons of force. Simple math would tell us, then, that a stego tail can produce 8,000 newtons. Of course, that's how much force it can produce, not necessarily how much is inflicted. But, I don't have time, so I'll just leave it at "1 meter spikes being driven by 8,000 newtons would hurt." For the time being anyways.

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