I won't go over everything, but here are just a couple I picked.

Tyrannosaurus rex - the real life largest complete specimen ("Sue") could reach 12.3 meters (40 feet) and may have tipped the scales over 10 tonnes (11 tons), though a more common size would be 11-12 meters (36-39 feet) and 6-8 tonnes (6.6-8.8 tons). The in game T. rex is 13.7 meters (45 feet), which could give a weight several tonnes more than a real Tyrannosaurus, even Sue.

Acrocanthosaurus - real life size would be 11.5 (38 feet) meters and 6.2 tonnes (6.8 tons), the game seems to get this quite well, though the length may be slightly exaggerated.

Shantungosaurus - the in game Shant seems to use fairly low end estimates of about 13-14 (43-46 feet) meters, judging by how it's about the length of a Rex. Real life Shantungosaurus could easily reach 15 meters (49 feet), with the largest confirmed individual at 16.6 meters (54 feet), and may have weighed 16 tonnes (18 tons). However, a genus of hadrosaur known as Huaxiaosaurus, which is widely considered to be just a large specimen of Shantungosaurus, may have been 18.7 meters (61 feet). The Shantungosaurus then, is highly under-sized, a stark contrast from the Rex.

Puertasaurus - estimates of length range from 27-40 meters (89-131 feet), and weight estimates range from 50-100 tonnes (55-110 tons). The Puertasaurus in game seems to fit the upper length estimates, though it may be in the 85-90 tonne range, due to the relatively thin chest compared to other estimates of the rib cage width.

Utahraptor - when this dinosaur was first added, it certainly fit the size of the largest known individual, which was 7 meters (23 feet), but the current Utahraptor seems to be on the lower end of size, at about 5 meters (16 feet).