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    Just for clarification I'm talking about the in-game weights.

    This will be talking about how much of a T. rex each creature weighs (i.e. a T. rex weighs 1/1 of a T. rex). Of course, these won't be exact most of the time due to the somewhat bizarre nature of the creature weights, but they are usually within 1% of 1% (aka very close).

    1 represents a T. rex's weight, so 1/2 means half of a T. rex while 2 means double a T. rex.

    Tyrannosaurus- 1 (duh)

    Giganotosaurus- 1+1/6

    Spinosaurus- 1+2/3

    Triceratops- 1+1/2

    Shantungosaurus- 2+1/6

    Allosaurus- 1/2

    Carnotaurus- 1/3

    Really the point of this post though was to show that the numbers are really arbitrary, and that the odd nature of them is essentially just to cover that up.

    The examples above could be simplified to th…

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    This won't just be a lame "what I think its stats should be." This will be exploring the probable relationship between Tyrannosaurus and its prey and competition in The Isle. Some animals will be easier than others, since some (or their close relatives) lived with Tyrannosaurus (or its relatives). Others will be much more difficult, living in environments completely separated from Tyrannosaurus' grasp. However, I can still present my thoughts about this in the most accurate way I can. This will both explore from a solely realistic view, as well as a more balance-centric view. When possible, I will look at T. rex's hunting habits more than it or its opponents physical traits, since it gives clues as to what would have actually occurred, rather tha…

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    You may have heard claims of 18, 19, 20 meter Spinosaurus, hell, I've heard them as high as 25 meters. Personally, I find the idea of an 82 foot Spino a bit ridiculous.

    I will split this critcism of these claims up into several sections.

    I often hear claims from fanboys of 20+ tonne weights for Spinos around the 20 meter range. Estimates larger would likely approach the 30 tonne range.

    Let's use Giraffatitan as a means of criticism.

    The main criticism here is that Giraffatitan would only be slightly heavier than Spinosaurus (partially due to weight-reducing air-sacs found in most sauropods, but no theropod as far as I know has been found with similar sacs), and yet, Giraffatitan was a pillar-legged quadruped, whilst Spinosaurus had relatively thin le…

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  • Nuclearshroom


    May 27, 2017 by Nuclearshroom

    I've actually managed to get in contact with some people who are helping me make a mod for the game. However, because they are busy right now, that gives me some time to take suggestions, if anyone wants to give them to me.

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