This is a blog post that i felt like creating. There have been some bad reviews about the game, mostly about stuff like balancing, toxic community, bad dev behavior etc. I want to know your opinion about these bad reviews and what you agree/disagree with. In my opinion, i think they are overreacting about the game, mostly because it's early access and that not everything about the game is perfect. As dev behavior, i don't think bad behavior will reflect the quality of a game. For example, the devs could treat their community very nicely, but give out a very bad game. (I'm looking at you ark). But very mean devs that you definitely wouldn't want out hang out with might deliver a very good game. See what i mean? Plus, i think the dev's behavior is a result of a whiney community, becuase they constantly had to do deal with them. Do you agree with my opinions, i would love to hear yours.

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