Suchomimus is a large spinosaurid from the late Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period.

In Real Life

A very close relative of Baryonyx, Suchomimus was around 10-11 meters long and weighed around 4.5 tonnes (4.5 tons). Like many spinosaurids, Suchomimus likely preyed on fish and small to medium-sized dinosaurs and it possibly scavenged and stealed other carnivores kills.

Suchomimus' arms were heavily muscled, indicating it probably used them in predation. Additionally, the jaws were built to resist twisting forces and the teeth were designed for grabbing, not slicing.

In The Isle

It has very little chance against fighting large carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus, in which it can be easily overpowered. They are mostly aquatic and tend to live near rivers and lakes.

Unfortunately, Suchomimus has no bonus attributes in swimming and it is impossible to ambush from the water as you will be too exposed.

The Suchomimus can overpower most medium sized prey with ease, and can best an Allosaurus or Carnotaurus in damage. The Suchomimus is faster than a Tyrannosaurus, but slower than all other current carnivores.

Team up with other carnivores to take down large prey.

General Information


  • Decent health and mass
  • Decent stamina
  • Fairly fast
  • Decent damage


  • Very slow trot
  • Low bleed
  • Somewhat weak for its tier


Suchomimus is at home in the water and thus lives near rivers, lakes and wetlands. Suchomimus has a mostly piscivore diet but is not afraid to face other carnivores to scavenge food or even hunt small herbivores. Suchomimus shares its home with Baryonyx, Spinosaurus, and Deinosuchus, giving it a bit of competition for food.


  • Once they are added, fish will be the Suchomimus' main prey.


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Behind The Scenes

The Suchomimus model used in-game is a modified version of Vlad Konstantinov's Spinosaurus model.