What is nesting:

Nesting is a mechanic of the game. The default button for creating a nest is B. After being invited, another player will hatch from the egg and start his new life as a juvenile dinosaur.

It doesn't require any progression points, so it's a popular way to start off as high tier dinosaurs. It is disabled in sandbox mode. It's possible to nest alone.

Who can nest :

Most of the dinosaurs can nest. Right now, only Velociraptor and Psittacosaurus can't nest, as they are starting tier dinosaurs, so there's no reason to nest in as a baby version. It also requires an adult dinosaur to make a nest.

How to interact with a nest :

A player can enter in his nest interface by using "E" in front of it. It's possible to give food to the nest, pressing "Give Food" button puts 5 food in the nest. Other players of the same species can give food to the nest. Everyone can see the nest statistics, but only the owner can send invitations.

How to make an egg :

An egg needs 25 min to be ready and will consume 15 food to appear. Every minute the nest will transform 1 food in 1 egg point. When there are 25 egg points, an egg will appear in the nest.

A nest can store 4 eggs at most at the same time. It requires 60 food and 60 minutes in total. Eggs don't die when the nest run out of food.

How to hatch the egg :

When an egg is ready, the owner of the nest can send an invite to a player in the nest interface. The player selected will receive an invitation . It is possible to accept, refuse or even block nest invitations.

If the player accepted, he has to go in progress interface and chose "Nest". He will then appear in the nest in place of the egg. A player nested will start as a baby.

How and why destroy a nest :

A nest can be destroyed by any dinosaur who can attack it, even others species than the owner. While a player has a nest down, he doesn't get progression points and can't progress !! Also, a player can't have two nests at the same time. He needs to destroy his previous nest and wait 15-30 minutes to make a new one and gain progression points again. If a player dies, his/her nest is automatically destroyed. A destroyed nest have particulars scratches on it.