Gigantosaurus is a genus of carcharodontosaurid from the Early Cenomanian stage of Cretaceous Argentina. Its only known species is G.carolinii. Carcharodontosaurus will be an alternate skin for it.

In Real Life

Although its remains are incomplete, Giganotosaurus was a large predator, with the known two individuals being 12.4 and 13.2 meters (41-43 feet) in length, around 3.7 meters tall and weighing around 7 tonnes (15,400 lbs), making it up 90 cm longer, but significantly lighter, than "Sue." The larger of the two specimens, has been considered closer in scale to the type specimen than linear scaling would produce. It has been hypothesized that it may have simply had a larger dentary, rather than actually being significantly larger.

It probably hunted large sauropods such as Andesaurus, Limaysaurus and Nopcsaspondylus, as well as other mid-sized animals like Ekrixinatosaurus or juvenile sauropods.

At safest top speeds, Giganotosaurus could have probably moved at 31 miles per hour (50km/h), making it a fairly fast animal for what it was hunting.

Giganotosaurus was probably proportioned similarly to closely-related genera such as Mapusaurus and Carcharodontosaurus. The arms were probably proportionally small and relatively immobile, similarly to its relative Acrocanthosaurus. Its bite wasn't as powerful as derived tyrannosaurs, meaning it was probably using its jaws to inflict large bleeding wounds.

In-game description


This is a predator that needs to hunt prey of equivalent or greater size. Thus, they are often hunting out in the open plains, or lying in wait along the treeline.

Combat notes

Giganotosaurus or "Giga" for short, is one of the isle's apex predators. However, with their huge leg muscles, they are also paradoxically the fastest. Their bite is on par with T.rex but fighting other apexes alone can still lead to a lethal outcome. Gigas often use hit and run tactics, biting then retreating. When pack hunting, one Giga acts as a distraction while the others dash in to take chunks out of their prey. Like any large theropod, ambushing with sneak attacks is a solid strategy for them as well.

Prey Items

In The Isle

Giganotosaurus has high bleed damage and normal damage and because of this the good way to take down prey is to use the hit and run tactic what involves running at the target, quickly biting it and running away. Use this tactic and you can take down large prey. It's also best to hunt in pairs if hunting Shantungosaurus due its large size and its ability to head-shot carnivore with ease. Have one of you distract it while the other bites it from behind, although do be careful as the Shantungosaurus will turn around as soon as possible and stomp you. Don't fight other apex predators, as Spinosaurus  is capable of killing you, and Tyrannosaurus can break your leg and finish you off as soon as possible (though you'll have the last laugh, since they'll almost certainly die from blood loss). The Giganotosaurus is also the fastest of the apex predators, able to execute its hit and run tactic with ease. Your best prey items are medium-sized animals that have few defenses, though larger prey can be tackled if you are in a pack. Giganotosaurus also has the highest bleed resistant in the game, making it a challenge for Acrocanthosaurus and Allosaurus to fight it and can kill them easy.


Giganotosaurus live in the open plains to hunt for large game, competing with Tyrannosaurus rex and Acrocanthosaurus for food. They often live in pairs to hunt their prey when in the open plains.

General Information


  • High bleed
  • Fast
  • Extremely fast trotting speed
  • Quick bite rate
  • Highest bleed resistant


  • Quickest stamina depletion in game
  • Big herbivores can kill you easily, if you are alone.
  • Somewhat low base damage
  • Hard to hide due to its large size and lack of any decent camoflauged skins


Behind The Scenes

It was modeled by Jake Baardse.[1]

It is confirmed that it's sounds were intentionally made to be like that of the Giganotosaurus from the game Dino Crisis 2.[2]

Notes and References


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