Gallimimus is a genus of ornithomimid theropod from the Maastrichian stage of the Cretaceous, from around 70 million years ago. The type species is G.bullatus.

In Real Life

Gallimimus was one of the largest ornithomimosaurs, standing about 2 meters tall at the hip and around 8 meters in length. It was discovered in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia, where the giant ornithomimosaur Deinocheirus was also discovered.

Gallimimus was probably herbivorous, although omnivory has been suggested. It was likely preyed upon by the tyrannosaurids Alioramus and Tarbosaurus.

It was fairly typically-proportioned for an ornithomimid, sporting a long neck with a small head, long legs and a long tail. Gallimimus shows a number of adaptations to a cursorial lifestyle; a strong ilium, heavy tail base and long limbs, with the legs possessing a long tibia, a long metatarsus and short toes. Despite these adaptations, it is unknown exactly how fast Gallimimus was.

In The Isle

Gallimimus is a relatively defenseless dinosaur, relying mainly on it's high speed and large amount of stamina to outrun pursuing predators. They can attack by kicking with their legs; and while this is dangerous for smaller, weaker predators like Herrerasaurus and Austroraptor, it is better to simply flee when confronted with larger, more durable predators such as Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, as the kick will do little damage to them; and with only 450 health, they can easily kill you. A Gallimimus with a broken leg is easy prey for any carnivore, as it loses the main advantage it has over it's predators; speed. Gallimimus is currently the fastest animal in the game in a normal sprint, and has the longest lasting stamina, making it very efficient at running away from predators. Some faster Carnivores, such as Utahraptor and Carnotaurus can catch Gallimimus while in an ambush sprint.

For this reason, it is a good idea for Gallimimus to group up into herds with larger and more well-defended herbivores such as Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Shantungosaurus. The speed and high stamina of the Gallimimus makes it a good scout animal; and while it doesn't do much damage, the foresight to the herd it provides is valuable for fending off carnivore attacks.


Gallimimus live in coniferous forests, where they stay safe from larger predators and form herds within the area. Gallimimus shares its home with a fellow herbivore, Stegosaurus. Gallimimus stick close to Stegosaurus for protection while looking out for any threats.

General overview:


  • Is the fastest dinosaur in game
  • Has an easy time blending into the surroundings to hide from predators


  • Weak when alone
  • Does little damage when attacking
  • Relatively low health
  • Breaking a leg makes it easy prey


  • The specific name of Gallimimus refers to a bulla; a form of amulet in the shape of a capsule worn by Roman youth.


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