Dilophosaurus is a genus of dilophosaurid neotheropod from the Early Jurassic of Arizona. The genus only contains one species, D.wetherilli.

In Real Life

Dilophosaurus was a giant theropod for it's time, the early Jurassic period; it measured around 7 metres (23 ft) long and may have weighed 400 kilograms (880 lbs). It seems to have been a fast, agile runner.

The most distinctive characteristic of Dilophosaurus is the pair of rounded crests on its skull, made up of extensions of the nasal and lacrimal bones. These are considered to be too delicate for anything but display purposes.

The diet of Dilophosaurus has been controversial; originally thought of as a predator of terrestrial animals, due to it's relatively weak jaws it was then commonly believed to have been a piscivore or scavenger. It's possible that Dilophosaurus was a generalist carnivore, preying on whatever it could.

Despite common depictions, Dilophosaurus is not known to be venomous, and it lacked a frilled lizard-esque neck frill.

In The Isle

Dilophosaurus is a nocturnal hunter and a very hard dinosaur to play because while it can hunt smaller herbivores and even fight evenly with carnivores such as Utahraptor and Ceratosaurus,it has no chance to outrun larger predators like Allosaurus or Carnotaurus.

Behind the Scenes

Dilophosaurus was modeled by Jake Baardse.[1]

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