Deinosuchus is a species of alligator-like crocodylian from the Campanian and early Maastrichian ages of the Late Cretaceous. It is known from two species; D.rugosus and D.riograndensis.

In Real Life

Deinosuchus was a large animal, with the larger D.riograndensis measuring up to 35 feet long and weighing around 8.5 tonnes, while the smaller D.rugosus was around 26 feet long with a weight of around 2.3 tonnes.

The diet of Deinosuchus likely consisted mostly of prehistoric turtles, freshwater fish, and like modern day alligators, anything else it could catch; with dinosaurs also making up a portion of it's diet. It's jaws are well-adapted to crushing, and Deinosuchus' bite strength was anywhere between 18,000-100,000 Newtons of force.

Deinosuchus probably hunted similarly to modern crocodiles, meaning it was most likely an ambush predator that lunged out at prey unexpectedly. It would have been the apex predator of it's environment, able to kill any prey animal it could grab in it's mammoth jaws.

In The Isle

Deinosuchus will be playable in progression mode.


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