Ceratosaurus is a ceratosaurid from the late Kimmeridgian and early Tithonian faunal stages of the Late Jurassic epoch.

Real Life

Ceratosaurus was a medium sized carnivore that preyed on small dinosaurs like Dryosaurus, as well as fish, crocodiles and other small and mid-sized animals.

Ceratosaurus had a large skull with large teeth, as well as short but powerful front limbs. It likely used the head as it's main weapon, as the front limbs are too small for full combat use.

One of Ceratosaurus most distinct features was the nasal crest from which the name derives; most paleontologists agree that it would have been for display, meaning the crest would probably have been brightly colored in life.

Similar to it's relative Carnotaurus, Ceratosaurus had a row of osteoderms running down it's back; given their blunt shape and position, they were likely display or species recognition tools, and not armor or weapons. The tail of Ceratosaurus comprised about half of the body's total length and was thin and flexible with high vertebral spines.

Ceratosaurus was found in the Morrison Formation of North America and the Lourinhã Formation of Portugal and possibly the Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania. It's relatives include Genyodectes, Elaphrosaurus, the abelisaurs Majungasaurus, Rugops, and Carnotaurus. While most theropods at the time had only three fingers on each hand, Ceratosaurus retained the ancestral fourth digit.

In The Isle

Ceratosaurus is a medium sized carnivore that hunts most creatures roaming the island. He's the most powerful in his class. The only real threats to this creature are the apexes like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus. Also packs of Allosaurus' are also a danger for a lonesome Ceratosaurus, but you are fully capable of doing some damage to a pack of these. If you know how to use this creature as an advantage you can be one of the most dangerous carnivores roaming the Island.

General overview:


  • Best Bleed Resistence, while going or running.
    It makes you always, whether you are sitting or running, just maximal 300 damage ( by 100 Bleed ) per minute.
  • Highest health of all medium carnivores.
  • High Damage and Bleed.
  • Great at taking down small prey and medium Dinos.
  • Relative short grow time.


  • Can be killed by Apexes and big herbivores.
  • Can only ambush for 6 seconds.
  • Can only catch up on swift prey through an ambush.
  • Is hungry relatively quickly.
  • Needs a pack to take down large prey.
  • Low heal rate compared to other Dinos.



  • The original default skin was based off the Ceratosaurus from Jurassic Fight Club.
  • Based off the Diabloceratops dossier, Ceratosaurus hunts Diabloceratops in packs due to the weight class of Diabloceratops being big for its size.
  • Ceratosaurus is currently confirmed to be going into Survival but its role is currently unknown.