Carnotaurus is a medium size carnotaurine abelisaur from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina.

In Real Life

Carnotaurus lived during the lower Maastrichian age of the Late Cretaceous, and inhabited what is now Argentina between 72 to 69.9 million years ago.

The tiny arms of Carnotaurus seem to have been entirely vestigial in terms of predation; they have little mobility outside of the shoulder and may not have even been visible in the living animal. Instead, it used it's head to procure prey.

Carnotaurus is notable for being the fastest known non-avian dinosaur, reaching speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour. This is due to a massively enlarged caudofemoralis muscle, which allows the leg to be pulled back faster and, in turn, grants greater speed.

This also means that Carnotaurus had to turn the hip and tail simultaneously in order to make turns, however, so it seems likely that Carnotaurus was an ambush predator that used it's jaws to take down prey quickly.

In The Isle

Carnotaurus live life in the fast lane, often literally. They feed on small and mid-sized game, such as Diabloceratops and Maiasaura and can form small social groups. They use their high speed to chase prey down, inflicting multiple bites and stack up bleed damage.

While effective predators, their weak bite makes them prey to larger theropods like Acrocanthosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Spinosaurus. Packs of Allosaurus and Utahraptor can also give a Carnotaurus a hard time.

General overview:


  • Excellent speed and high stamina
  • High hunger lets it live longer off less food
  • High bleed


  • Can be killed easily by a larger animal.
  • Loud, especially when running
  • Low base damage


For a more complete gallery, visit Carnotaurus/gallery

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