Carchardontosaurus is an upcoming carnivore in The Isle. It will be an alternate skin for Giganotosaurus.

In Real Life

Its exact size is speculative, due to poor remains, but it has been estimated from 7-9 tonnes (7.7-9.9 tons). It had one of the longest skulls of any theropod, though its close relative Giganotosaurus had a significantly longer one. Carcharodontosaurus is known to have lived alongside Spinosaurus, though to what extent they battled is unkown. There has been a discovery of a Spinosaurus with an bitten sail, possibly a mark from a Carcharodontosaurus.

In The Isle

The Carcharodontosaurus is planned to be an alternate skin for the Giganotosaurus, meaning it will have identical stats.


Behind The Scenes

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